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About me.

Kerry Brennan

Hi, I'm Kerry Brennan

Founder of Spanish with Kerry


This is my Story

My first introduction to Spanish was my sister's childhood best friend. She is half Cuban, half Puerto Rican, and her family lived three houses from us. She taught me how to say "I have to go home" (me tengo que ir a mi casa) when I was about 7 years old.

I started officially studying Spanish in high school. My Spanish teacher was fun, passionate, and incredibly creative in the way she taught the language. I quickly took to the language and was placed in an accelerated course in order to reach AP Spanish in my senior year. 

I traveled to Costa Rica and Guatemala on trips organized by my high school and fell in love with the culture and with what felt like a new way to live, a new way to perceive the world.

My sister and I traveled to Nicaragua one summer to visit a friend in the Peace Corps for my sister's birthday. 

In college, Spanish ended up being one of my two majors. I studied abroad in Ecuador for a semester, then returned as a translator/program coordinator for a winter semester with university nursing students. 

After graduating, I began working in Environmental & Occupational health at a non-profit organization that served immigrant and migrant populations in the United States. We traveled to Puerto Rico twice in 2016 to set up programs with various health centers on the island. 

I fell in love with the island! 

A career change led me become a full-time dance, group fitness, and yoga teacher. After three years of full-time physical work, my body was suffering. Then...

the pandemic hit. 

Dance studios, gyms, and yoga studios closed. I was unemployed, I had moved back with my parents and had no idea how I was going to make my dream of moving to Puerto Rico possible.

A Colombian friend of mine, who is also a Spanish tutor, encouraged me to try teaching Spanish. About four months after beginning, a video of mine went viral on TikTok, and I had a wait-list of students ever since.