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Dreaming of mastering your second language so well you could feel like yourself when speaking? Well, hey there! I'm Kerry Brennan, and I've been in your shoes - stuck in the language learning rut despite years of study. Turns out, the magic ingredients are a dash of consistency, a sprinkle of guidance, and a huge dollop of community. I’ve set out to create what I was missing all those years ago. The Spanish with Kerry Community gives you access all of these things and more. Join us!

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Becoming Bilingual

When I picked up Spanish again (4 years after having graduated with a degree in the language), my goal became very clear to me, I wanted to be bilingual.

bi·lin·gual (according to Webster)- using or able to use two languages especially with equal fluency 

bi·lin·gual (according to Kerry)- the ability to be my authentic self in Spanish.


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